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Ethan Stephens

Senior Vice President of Sales

Ethan Stephens is a highly accomplished sales executive with a strong track record of driving sales revenue and ensuring high levels of customer and employee satisfaction. Ethan brings a wealth of solar industry-specific experience to his role as Sr. Vice President of Sales for PosiGen.  Ethan has held key positions at ADT Solar (formerly Sunpro Solar) where he served as Vice President of Sales. During his time with ADT, Ethan played a pivotal role in building a robust sales organization and overseeing the sales structure growth to nearly 1,000 representatives. Ethan has contributed to the development of training programs for the outside sales team and crafted effective sales talk tracks and pitches.


Prior to joining the renewable energy industry, was the CEO of Plantscape, Inc for over a decade. A long-time Louisiana resident, Ethan is an avid outdoors enthusiast, Saints fan and devoted father.