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Store Energy with PosiGen Solar Panel Batteries*

What happens when your solar panels produce more energy than you can use? Typically, that energy gets fed into the grid and you receive credits for later use.  With PosiGen solar batteries, the energy you don't immediately use is stored for when you need it, whether that's when your panels are not producing or during a power outage.

*Available in select markets. Talk to your PosiGen sales representative for full offerings in your area.

Why PosiGen Solar Storage?

Your Energy When You Need It

In the U.S. there are 1 billion power outages a year. Using a solar battery to store your home's excess energy is not only a smart, efficient way to reduce your energy costs but is also a safe, reliable way to keep the lights on when the grid is down.

Power Up and Earn Credit

A solar battery allows you to simultaneously power your home and send excess energy to the utility company (where applicable).

System Compatability

The solar batteries used by PosiGen are designed to work with our existing solar systems. The batteries are also designed to take your home into the future with compatibility to energy-efficient technology such as hot water heater controllers and more.

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How it Works

Panels Collect Sunlight

Your PosiGen-installed solar panels generate electricity throughout the day. Even when it's cloudy, the panels can still operate at 25% capacity. Solar is a clean, sustainable energy source that helps reduce dependency on less environmentally-friendly power sources such as natural gas, coal, or crude oil.

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Sunlight is Converted to Usable Energy

The electricity gathered from the solar panels is Direct Current or DC energy. This means the electrical current only flows in one direction and cannot be used in your home. The system uses a device called an  inverter to convert the DC energy gathered into Alternating Current or AC energy that can be used for your electrical appliance. 

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Energy is Stored in Solar Batteries

While your solar panels generate electricity, the energy that is not immediately used  is sent to your solar battery. The battery is designed to maximize your solar energy and alternate your electrical source between the battery and electrical grid.  This can help reduce your overall energy consumption and lower your energy costs. 

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Energy is Pulled & Used When Needed

While your solar panels can still operate in inclement weather, the system is designed to shut off during a power outage. During that time, the solar battery can provide power to your household essentials for up to 45 hours. 

Customers Saving Big with PosiGen

"I was very interested in [solar] because I knew solar panels were going to help me, and this is futuristic. I’m saving money. I did not expect the additional upgrades. We were told that certain things would be done but this is — to me — beyond the call of duty and I’m very appreciative of it because I know it will add to the savings."

Rosalind C.

"[What] I’m saving on my energy is my vacation money. My wife can go shopping a little bit more, we can go and do a little other things. I can do a little bit more things around the house, I can help my daughter out [too]. It almost helps you get financial freedom. It also helps our city, our climate, everything that’s trying to go green in order to help our atmosphere, our planet."

Kevin H.

"Without the leasing program, I probably would not have gotten any solar panels. I should be able to see a direct savings on my bill…and the energy efficiency added to it is really good too. So you cut back on your energy and you save some money."

Crystal V.

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