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What Happens After Solar Panels Are Installed?

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It’s hard to miss the recent popularity of solar panels. People everywhere are looking for a less expensive, more environmentally friendly way to power their homes — and solar is becoming increasingly affordable, making it a win for everyone.

If you’re considering going solar, you want the whole story. We’ve talked in the past about the process of determining whether solar is right for you and what the installation process looks like, but you may still have questions. Questions like: What happens after the installation? How and when do you start seeing the benefits of solar? What do you do if your solar panels need maintenance? And many more. Let’s delve into what you can expect after getting your solar panels installed!  

What Happens After Installation?

Once the installation is complete, you’re almost done! There are two final steps that need to be completed before switching the panels on.


We need to ensure that your system is correctly installed and working properly in order to protect your home and help you get the most out of solar. During the inspection stage, we’ll work with your local authorities to test, make sure all paperwork is up-to-date, and verify that the system is ready to operate.

Bonus Step: Energy Efficiency Audit

During this phase of the process, PosiGen will provide an additional service: a no-cost home energy efficiency audit and upgrades. Our experts will audit your home to determine areas of inefficiency and provide upgrades at no additional cost. These may include weatherstripping, duct sealing, air filter replacement, and replacing light bulbs with energy-efficient alternatives. Why? Because we want you to save money! Going solar is an excellent way to do that, but it’s not the complete picture. With additional energy upgrades provided during this step, you’ll be likely to see even more savings on your utility costs and a big reduction in your energy use.

Ongoing Support

Now that your system is installed and turned on, you can start generating energy. Time to breathe a sigh of relief!

However, many homeowners still have additional concerns. How will you monitor your energy production? What happens if something breaks? PosiGen understands that getting the most out of your solar system is important to you, which is why our relationship with our customers never stops. We’ll be there to help when you need it. Some common concerns include:

Maintenance and Repairs

Solar panels are durable; it is unlikely that your panels will need much maintenance. However, surprises happen. Big storms can damage your roof and your panels, and you need to know what to do when that happens. PosiGen provides ongoing maintenance for the life of your solar lease

Capturing a Return on Your Investment

After installation, you want to know for sure that you made the right choice. So how do you know for sure that you’re really getting a return on your investment?

PosiGen makes an upfront guarantee that you will save money on your first year with solar. How do we know? Before we ever get to installation, we’ll perform a pre-feasibility study. By looking at your past utility bills and taking into account how much energy you could generate and what your monthly lease payments would be, we can guarantee you will save on your monthly energy costs in the first year after your system is activated. We stand by our guarantee because we believe in solar and we want to help you save money on your energy costs.

Take the Leap with PosiGen

There’s a lot to consider when going solar, but with PosiGen, we’re here to make sure that the process goes smoothly from the beginning — and our support doesn’t end when the panels are switched on. We’ll help you continue to see the benefit of solar for years to come. Ready to make a change? Let’s have a conversation.

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