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10 Questions to Ask a Solar Company Before You Go Solar

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Going solar is an investment in your future. Not only will it help you generate energy to power your home more efficiently, it will also save you money on monthly energy bills and increase your home’s value. So with such a big investment, you want to know that you’re working with a company that you can trust.

Are you thinking about going solar? The first step is a consultation with potential solar companies — and when you’re talking with these companies, it pays to be prepared. That’s why we’ve put together this list of must-ask questions as you evaluate potential solar providers.

10 Questions to Ask a Solar Company Before You Go Solar

1. Is My Home a Good Fit for Solar?

Not every home is a good fit for solar panels. A reputable solar advisor will visit your home to determine whether you can actually benefit from going solar. They will evaluate things like:

  • Will your roof receive enough sunlight? 

  • Is it sturdy enough to support panels (or is it time for a new roof)? 

  • Most importantly, will you actually save money by switching to solar?

Solar is not one-size-fits-all. A solar advisor can help determine whether solar panels can be installed and, more importantly, whether they will actually help you generate energy and save money.

2. How much money will I save by going solar?

Once you’ve determined that your home will actually accommodate solar panels, the next thing you’ll need to do is determine whether it’s worth the investment. How much money will you actually save by going solar?

When you work with PosiGen, we’ll take the time to get you a real answer. Taking into account your current energy bills, the cost of leasing or purchasing a solar system, and the amount of energy your system is expected to generate, we’ll be able to tell you — in real numbers — what your savings will look like for the first year. With a real answer in hand, you can make an informed decision about whether solar is the right choice.

3. What are the benefits of leasing a solar system?

There are several advantages of leasing solar panels rather than buying them outright. These include:

  1. Lower upfront costs: When you lease solar panels, you typically don't have to pay any upfront costs. Instead, you pay a fixed monthly fee that is often lower than what you would pay for a loan to purchase the panels.
  2. No maintenance costs: With a solar panel lease, the leasing company is responsible for maintenance and repairs, which can save you money on upkeep.
  3. Flexibility: Solar panel leases offer a fixed term. With PosiGen's leasing agreement, you can decide what's best for you at the end of the lease. You can renew the lease, buy the panels, or remove them.
  4. Easy transfer of the panels: With PosiGen leasing, you don't have to worry about the hassle of removing or selling the panels when you move. With our lease, you can simply transfer the lease to the new owner or if the buyer does not want to continue the home's saving journey, we can work with you to have the panels removed*.

Overall, leasing solar panels can be a good option for homeowners who want to save money on their energy bills without having to make a large upfront investment. 

4. What type of solar panels will be used?

PosiGen uses the best photovoltaic (PV) solar panels from reputable, established, and industry-known brands and suppliers. PV panels are devices that convert sunlight into electricity. They are made up of multiple photovoltaic cells, which use the photoelectric effect to convert light energy into electrical energy. PV solar panels are an efficient and cost-effective way to generate clean, renewable energy from the sun. When sunlight strikes the cells, electrons in the cell become energized and create a direct current (DC) of electricity. This DC electricity can then be used to power homes and businesses or can be stored in batteries for later use. PV solar panels are an important part of the renewable energy revolution, providing clean, reliable power to millions of people around the world.

5. How can I maximize my savings when going solar?

Generating your power with solar panels is a great place to start, but there’s more that you can do to ensure your home is efficient (and comfortable!). Ask your solar provider whether they can help with additional energy efficiency upgrades for your home.

As one of the nation's only solar installers that also provide an energy efficiency audit in conjunction with solar panels, PosiGen customers truly maximize their energy savings. In fact, over 750 million kWh of energy has been generated and saved through PosiGen solar panels and energy efficiency audits. We provide our customers with home energy audits to ensure the whole home is running at its best. Upgrades can include:

  • Replacing outdated light bulbs
  • Repairing ductwork
  • Air sealing and weather stripping
  • And more!

6. How long does the process take, from start to activation?

Every home’s installation time is as unique as the home itself. Factors like your municipality and energy provider can impact your timeline from contract to activation. The overall steps of the PosiGen process include: 

  1. Design and engineering
  2. Permitting and approvals
  3. Onsite installation
  4. Inspection and Energy Efficiency Audit
  5. Activation

This process can typically take 3 to 6 months to complete. Please be sure to consult your energy advisor for your exact timelines. 

7. How do I know my new system is working properly?

Depending on your utility’s billing cycle, you may start seeing savings on the first monthly bill following installation. 

At PosiGen, we also provide all of our customers with an easy-to-use app. This will monitor energy production and use, track your savings, and allow you to make referrals all in one place!

8. Do my solar panels come with a warranty?

The last thing you want is for your solar system to break down. Make sure you cover your bases by asking upfront about a warranty. What happens if you run into issues?

PosiGen customers benefit from our monitoring and maintenance services, which means that we’ll cover issues as they arise. For leasing customers, this covers the life of the lease. 

9. How do I know my roof won’t leak?

Your roof is the barrier between you and the outside world. You want to make sure it’s protected! Be upfront with solar contractors and ask how you can be sure that your roof will stay safe (and your belongings will stay dry!).

PosiGen will treat your roof right. We warranty all of our roof work and installations. Our qualified installers utilize the best mounting hardware in the industry. During our site visit, we thoroughly examine your roof to ensure it’s up to the task of installing solar. If it’s old, falling apart, or may need an upgrade soon, we won’t recommend you go solar until your roof is sound.  

10. Who do I call if I have any problems after installation?

What happens after the system is turned on? Some solar companies will say goodbye at that point and leave you to your own devices. But if issues arise at that point, what can you do?

PosiGen ensures that you always have access to your solar team. When issues arise, you can count on our solar experts to guide you through.

Ready to Go Solar?

If it’s time to go solar, keep this list of questions on hand as you begin interviewing potential solar companies.

Want to go solar with a company you’re sure you can trust? PosiGen is ready to help identify the best solar solution for your home. Reach out to us — we’d love to talk.

*Disclaimer: *Your contract will outline costs and responsibilities that you, the homeowner, may incur during this process. As a note, we are also a GAF Master Elite roofing installer. Ask your rep about opportunities to take advantage of reduced costs and timelines by using us for all your roofing and solar needs. 



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