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How PosiGen Makes Solar Available to All

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PosiGen is on a mission: make solar power accessible to all homeowners, regardless of income or credit. By providing access to money-saving solar power, we can support our local communities and make an impact on the people in the states we live in. 

PosiGen’s Solar Program: Bringing Solar to All

So how do we do it? Read on to learn how PosiGen’s solar program is helping our customers reduce energy costs and find the right solar solution for their needs.

A True Focus on the Customer

PosiGen is different than the average solar company. Our focus is on YOU, the customer, and we bring solar to you in a different way. How? 

We work with every customer to determine whether their home is a good fit for solar. And if we determine that you will not save money by switching, we won’t recommend you install solar panels. It’s as simple as that; with the customer at the center of everything we do, we can guarantee savings and make an impact on your electricity bills.

Breaking Down Barriers with Our Solar Leasing Program

Solar is an investment in your home and your future. But, like many investments, it can be expensive. People who purchase their panels outright can expect to invest thousands of dollars into the system before they ever see savings. This isn’t feasible for many customers, particularly in underserved communities.

PosiGen breaks down this barrier with our 25-year solar leasing program. By leasing your panels instead of purchasing them, you get all of the benefits of solar power at a lower cost. We’ve eliminated common obstacles and income requirements and don’t ask for any upfront payments. We don’t care about your credit score, monthly income, or employment status. If solar can work for your home, we will make it work. Best of all? With our low payment rates, you’ll start seeing savings as soon as your system is turned on.

Guaranteed Savings in Your First Year

We’re serious about bringing solar to all, so our solar leasing program is designed around savings. We’ve already explained that we won’t install a solar system without first confirming you’ll save money, but did you know that we guarantee savings in your first year? 

During the discovery process, we’ll take into account how much electricity your home uses each month and what you’re paying for that. We’ll determine what type of setup you’ll need to generate enough electricity to save money on every bill.

But what about the cost of the system itself? With PosiGen, it’s easy to budget for payments; you’ll pay an easy, predictable payment each month for the full duration of your lease. And since we did the math at the beginning of the agreement!

Finally, installation, system monitoring, and maintenance are all included in your monthly rate. That means no surprise costs, even if something unexpected happens.

Want to push those savings even further? Each PosiGen solar system installation comes with a free energy efficiency audits to all of our customers. These audits help to identify ways you can make your home even more efficient, meaning you’ll spend less energy to keep your home comfortable, and those savings will go right to your pocket.

Solar for All, Solar for You

We’re serious about our mission to make solar accessible for all. Ready to find out whether your home is a fit for solar? Let our experienced team help. Reach out to us and see if we can make a difference for you.

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