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How You Can Save Money With PosiGen’s Solar Program

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PosiGen brings solar for all: we don’t care about your credit score, monthly income, or whether you’re retired or not. All we want to do is help you save money on your monthly electricity bills, and with our hassle-free process, we can guarantee how much you can save in your first year and provide you with estimated production for the duration of your lease.

How? In short, our engineers can calculate precisely how much energy your home could generate with solar, and how that would reflect on your monthly utility bills. If we aren’t certain you will save money with solar (this can happen if your home is in a heavily shaded area, for example) we won’t sell it to you. 

But if we are confident you will save money, we are willing to offer you a risk-free 25-year lease with no minimum credit score, and no minimum income requirements. 

Is It Worth the Hassle?

Granted, a 25-year arrangement may sound long, but keep in mind that you’re tied to your electricity provider for life. While they keep raising prices, PosiGen would offer you a fixed low rate with guaranteed savings for the first year. Because we can calculate how much money you will save, we’re willing to take all the risk. And if you’re wondering whether the savings are worth the hassle, to that we say: what hassle? 

We make the process easy, from demonstration to installation. Except for signing a few papers, you won’t have to lift a finger. PosiGen will do all the work, including:

installation roadmap
  • Demonstration: PosiGen performs a pre-feasibility study to calculate how much solar energy your home can produce based on the layout, sun versus shade exposure, and other factors. We will compare the results with your average electricity bills, and calculate savings with high accuracy. You will receive a conservative estimate. We may under-promise and over-deliver, but never the other way around. We will give you a demonstration of the results and a detailed specification of the proposed solution, as well as the projected savings. At this point, you will be able to decide whether or not to proceed. Whatever you decide, your bill for all of these services so far will still be $0.
  • Approval: If you decide to proceed, we will gather all of the necessary documentation: utility permits, local and state authority approvals, and the project documentation.
  • Installation: Finally, with all the approvals and documents ready, we will plan, schedule, and complete the installation of solar panels on your home.

We handle all of the work. You will be charged only once you actually start saving money. If you think this seems like a great deal, that’s because it is. 

How Would You Spend Your Solar Dollars? 


Solar panels can save you hundreds of dollars per year on electricity (our customers call these savings their solar dollars), and you’ll be able to spend your money on other things.

Solar savings mean more financial freedom. “It’s my vacation money,” explains one of our customers, “my wife can go shopping a little bit more, we can go and do other little things.” Others will spend their solar dollars on clothing, education, or simply save it for a rainy day. 

Because it’s in our interest that you save more money, our leasing program comes with free energy efficiency improvements. You can make your home warmer in the winter and colder in the summer while still saving money. Efficiency shouldn’t come at the cost of your comfort. 

Is Your Home Solar-Friendly? 

No two homes are alike. If you want to hear exactly how much you could be saving on electricity with solar, you should speak with an expert. 

You can schedule a completely free consultation today with no commitments and no strings attached. Ask us anything and learn everything about the PosiGen solar program. Our team members will be happy to help. 




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