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What Does the Solar Installation Journey Look Like?

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If you’re looking to save big on your electricity bills, going solar is a great way to do just that. Installing solar panels on your home will reduce your dependence on the grid, lessen your carbon footprint, and have a powerful impact on your electricity bills, all at the same time!

The benefits of solar may make it seem like an obvious choice, but what happens when you actually decide to go solar? What does the installation process look like? Here’s what you need to know about your solar journey.

Your Solar Timeline

The overall timeline will depend on the solar installer you work with. When you work with PosiGen, you can expect the process to take about 3–6 months from start to finish. Here’s a breakdown of the stages (and what you can expect at each step).

Step 1: Design and Engineering

In order to ensure any solar project is successful, it’s important to have all of the details laid out. That’s why our process starts with Design and Engineering. One of our solar engineers will visit your home for a site survey and engineering review. We’ll take a look at your home and your past energy bills to determine whether solar is a feasible option that will actually save you money.

Once we’ve determined that solar is an option, we’ll create a customized solar design based on your property. We’ll let you know how many panels you’ll need to power your home and what kind of savings you can expect to see. Finally, we’ll begin preparations to submit relevant permits.

Step 2: Permitting

Before work can begin, each project must be officially permitted. With PosiGen’s easy solar process, you don’t have to worry about the paperwork. Our team will obtain, prepare, and submit all relevant permits to ensure your solar project goes off without a hitch. At this stage, we’ll also prepare and schedule your installation.

Step 3: Installation

The site has been reviewed, the permits are in place, and now you’re ready to go solar! At this phase, our team will install any service or structural upgrades that are necessary to support the system. Once that’s finalized, we’ll install the solar panels in accordance with the design agreed upon in Step 1.

Once the solar panels are in place, we can proceed with testing. We’ll ensure everything is working properly and ready to provide your home with clean, efficient solar energy. Then we’ll clean up the site and move to the next phase.

Step 4: Inspection

We know you’ll be ready to turn on the system and see savings right away — but there’s one more step we’ll have to take first: inspection. At this phase, we’ll schedule inspections with the local permitting authorities to ensure everything is properly installed and ready to operate.

During this phase, we’ll also perform an energy efficiency audit on your home. This will help us identify other areas of concern when it comes to energy efficiency, such as drafts or inefficient insulation. We help our PosiGen customers make energy-efficient upgrades at no cost, helping them save even more on top of the solar panels.

Step 5: Activation

Finally, it’s time to turn on the solar system! At this point, we’ll activate the system and ensure it’s working properly. You’ll start generating your own electricity on day one — and you’ll see savings on your very first electric bill.

Going Solar with PosiGen

The process of going solar can take a few months to complete, but PosiGen’s experts will be with you every step of the way — and at the end of the process, you’ll start saving money with solar energy.

Are you ready to work with a dedicated, experienced team to install solar panels for your home? Now is the time to get started. Reach out to PosiGen. We can help you determine the right solar solution for your home and your needs. Let’s talk.




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