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The Financial Benefits Of Solar Energy

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Around the world, solar power is becoming more and more popular — and for good reason! It’s effective, environmentally friendly, and can provide real financial benefits. No matter who you are, going solar can be a great way to save money each month. So what are the financial benefits of solar energy, and how can you make the most of them?

Financial Benefits of Solar Energy

When you lease solar panels with PosiGen, you’ll see both immediate and long-term financial benefits, including:

Reduced Energy Costs

Currently, your home relies on the grid to power your electricity needs. Each time you use energy, it draws from your electric utility, resulting in charges reflected on your monthly utility bills. If your utility company increases the cost of electricity, you have no choice but to pay more.

This is where solar power and solar leases come in. By producing your own electricity with solar panels on your roof, you reduce the amount you need to draw from the grid. As a result,  you'll start experiencing substantial financial benefits of solar energy with lower utility costs right from day one.. There may be times when your home pulls electricity from the grid in order to supplement what you’re producing, but you won’t rely on it for all of your power. And during the months when your panels produce more electricity than you need, it will be fed back into the grid. You typically receive credits for this excess electricity, which can be used to offset some of the costs of any power you need to purchase from the grid when necessary. 

When it comes to the cost of the solar panels themselves, PosiGen customers can count on predictable monthly payments for the duration of their lease agreement. Some may worry that this eliminates any potential savings. That’s why PosiGen offers our pre-feasibility analysis that guarantees savings for your first year. We ensure that your combined monthly lease and utility costs will be less than what you’re currently paying for utilities alone during the first year. 

Long-Term Financial Benefits of Solar Energy

As energy prices continue to fluctuate and increase over time, solar energy remains a stable alternative. PosiGen provides a 25-year lease with predictable monthly payments to shield you against the volatility of energy prices, providing long-term financial benefits of solar energy..  

While you may still need to pull from the grid when your system doesn’t cover all of your use, you can still lower monthly utility costs over the system’s lifespan.  And solar panels are built to last! The average lifespan of a panel is 25–30 years, and they require minimal maintenance. On the off chance that a panel is damaged, PosiGen’s solar experts can help fix it and get you back on track for savings quickly.

Another significant benefit of getting solar is the potential increase of your home's attractiveness to prospective buyers, with members of Gen Z and Millennials being almost 30% more likely than older generations to buy a home with energy-efficient upgrades and solar panels. Your PosiGen solar lease agreement is typically transferrable, allowing for a smooth transition and avoiding complications during any home sales process. This means you can enjoy the financial benefits of solar energy, potentially increase your home’s appeal, and have peace of mind if you may have plans to relocate in the future. 

Affording Your Solar Installation

There are plenty of financial benefits of solar energy. However, some homeowners still hesitate to get started. Often, they fear that solar will represent a large upfront investment that will take years to pay off. And while solar is definitely a big decision, we’re here to take the fear out of the process.

You have two options when you go solar: solar purchasing or solar leasing. The option you choose depends on your unique needs, and PosiGen can help you determine your best fit.

Solar purchasing may be best for you if you’re willing to make a large upfront investment, but many people aren’t able to take on that expense. That doesn’t mean they can’t have access to solar power. That’s where solar leasing comes in.

PosiGen offers a 25-year solar lease designed to bring solar to everyone, regardless of income level. When you lease with PosiGen, you’ll see financial benefits on day one.

See Financial Benefits Right Away with PosiGen

Solar energy is capable of providing substantial financial advantages for homeowners. With reduced electricity costs, long-term budgeting certainty, and access to financing options, going solar has never been easier.

At PosiGen, we pride ourselves on helping our customers navigate the financial landscape of solar energy and helping make solar accessible for all. Our leasing options and knowledgeable team can guide you through the process, ensuring you maximize the financial benefits of solar energy. Contact us today to learn more about how solar energy can save you money and contribute to a sustainable future.

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