Use the power of solar to save thousands on your utility bills with no upfront cost.

The PosiGen Solar Program

It's not too good to be true. It's too good to pass up.
Over 18,000 Customers Installed to Date
No installation fee: Maintenance and monitoring included.
Free home efficiency improvements to ensure you save money.

Power Up With Posigen

We bring solar power to the working class

We give homeowners the power to choose to generate their own energy on their own property, and to control their energy costs.

• Maintenance and Monitoring for the Life of the Lease

• Low monthly costs and fixed monthly payments

• Everest System Racking, Solar Edge Inverters, Silfab or Hanwha Q-Cell Panels*

*Please note that systems may feature different components than the ones listed here

How Our Program Works

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How Net Metering Works

Homes without solar power generation have one-directional kilowatt meters that measure how much electricity they consume. This is how your monthly electricity bill is calculated: the price of electricity per kilowatt times the number of kilowatts consumed. But what happens when you install solar panels?

We install a two-directional, net meter that makes sure you are credited for the electricity your panels produce. Here’s how it works. 

  • Your home will always be powered with power generated from the solar panels. When the generated power doesn’t meet 100% of your energy demand, additional energy will be delivered from the grid. In this case, your electricity bill will be reduced by the amount of energy you have used.

  • When your panels produce more energy than you need, you will automatically deliver the excess energy to the grid in exchange for credits. You will be able to use these credits in the form of free electricity from the grid to meet your energy demands. 

With net metering, you will be paid for the power you produce with solar panels through a lower electricity bill or future electricity credit.

net metering

Leasing vs Purchasing

Why leasing is our most popular offering.


More than 12.000 U.S. homeowners are benefiting from PosiGen’s lease package. Wondering what makes it so popular?

• Energy Efficiency Upgrades Included

• Easy Monthly Payments

• System Monitoring Included

• Maintenance Included

• Install Included

• No Minimum Credit Requirement


We offer flexible financing options and a cash discount if you decide to purchase the system. Ownership, too, comes with benefits. 

• Install Included

• 12 Years System Monitoring Included

• Financing Options

• Increased home value

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