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Shining Together: A Spotlight on the Fourth-Year Relaunch of Solar For All NOLA

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The Solar For All NOLA program is now in its fourth year. On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, Katherine Prevost, President of the Bunny Friend Neighborhood Association, hosted the third launch event in the Upper 9th Ward. The program acts as a pillar in expanding awareness and access to solar energy for New Orleans residents.


The Mission and Goals

The Solar For All NOLA program is a commitment to its mission - "Solar For All." This program, which is a collaboration between the City of New Orleans, the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF), Solar Alternatives, and PosiGen, aims to make it accessible to all residents in the New Orleans area. The overarching goal is not only to promote sustainability and clean energy but also to empower households in the city to save on their electricity bills.

As one of the key partners, we at PosiGen play a huge role in this mission. Tom Neyhart, PosiGen's Executive Chairman, said, “PosiGen’s mission is simple. We aim to democratize solar and make it an option for families that never had access before.” We believe that everyone should have access to clean energy. This belief embodies the Solar For All NOLA initiative. "Solar for All NOLA is a perfect example of how we are adapting to the changing climate and making sure our residents are prepared,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

Origins and Evolution

Solar For All NOLA was first introduced in 2020. The program drew inspiration from successful City-led initiatives across the nation that had effectively encouraged the adoption of solar power. The program aligns with the mission towards sustainable energy solutions for New Orleans residents. It aims to create a strong and environmentally conscious community.


Tom Neyhart, PosiGen's Executive Chairman, speaking at the Solar For All NOLA Launch Event in the Upper 9th Ward on February 21.

Katherine Prevost was a Hero Homes recipient. The members of her community recognized her as someone who is deserving of the benefits of solar energy. After experiencing Hurricane Ida and losing power, her community members recommended her for the Solar For All NOLA program. Ever since she went solar in 2022, her monthly energy bills decreased significantly.

The Collaborative Force

The third Solar For All NOLA launch showcased the collaboration that continues to drive the program forward. Mayor LaToya Cantrell, GNOF President and CEO Andy Kopplin, Solar Alternatives President Jeff Cantin, PosiGen Executive Chairman Tom Neyhart, and, of course, Katherine Prevost, collectively underlined their commitment to the program's vision and why the program is important to New Orleans residents.

A Closer Look at the Event Space

The launch took place at the Upper 9th Ward Intercommunity Connection space. The space stands as proof of the program's commitment to green infrastructure. It is capable of holding 20,000 gallons of rainwater. The financial support from the Institute for Sustainable Communities and the Kresge Foundation played a crucial role in bringing this vision to life.

Looking Ahead

The Solar For All NOLA program is not only about giving access to clean energy to those in underserved communities, but it’s about community empowerment, resilience, and a shared commitment to a brighter future. “Knowledge is power and power is knowledge,” said Katherine Prevost. Cultivating the minds of New Orleans residents when it comes to sustainability is one of the many ways that this program helps educate homeowners about solar power.


Mayor LaToya Cantrell speaking at the Solar For All NOLA Launch Event in the Upper 9th Ward on February 21.

The Solar For All NOLA program continues to bring awareness to the lives of New Orleans residents. It aims to create a path towards a cleaner future for those in the community. For additional insights about the program, visit or contact the City of New Orleans Office of Resilience and Sustainability (ORS) at (504) 658-4965 or via email at


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