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5 Benefits You’ll Enjoy When You Go Solar

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So you’ve heard about home solar? You’re probably wondering how it works and if it’s right for you. 

Understandably, deciding to hire someone to add equipment that will be on your roof for the next 20+ years can take a bit to wrap your head around. A good place to start is by thinking about the advantages you’ll receive from your home solar system. How is it going to make your life better?

Here are six answers that will help lead you along your solar consideration journey. Read on to envision how you can see yourself benefitting from going solar.


1. Solar can help lower your monthly electricity bill.

This is probably the biggest benefit of residential solar. Solar is the cheapest form of electricity, so the average homeowner can save between $20,000 and $96,000 over the life of their solar system depending on your local electricity costs.

Currently, your home relies on the grid for power. Each time you flip a light switch or turn on the TV, you draw from your electric utility, which charges you in your monthly bill according to readings on your home’s energy meter. 

The U.S. Energy Information Administration expects that average residential electricity prices will soon reach their highest in nearly thirty years due to transmission and fuel costs. So, when your utility company inevitably increases your electricity rate, you’ll have no choice but to pay more.


However, solar does provide homeowners with a choice. Producing your own electricity from the sun on your roof means that you don’t need to use as much from the grid. Once your solar system is turned on, you’ll see your kilowatts usage on your next utility bill begin to start to reduce.

As energy prices continue to fluctuate and rise over time, solar energy remains a stable alternative. PosiGen provides a 25-year lease on your solar system with predictable monthly payments so you affordably reduce the amount of electricity you draw from the grid and see long-term cost savings

2. Solar protects the environment and your health from harmful pollution.

Traditional energy sources rely on burning fossil fuels, but these processes release harmful pollutants into the air. Many of the biggest causes of death in our country—such as cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease and stroke—can be attributed to pollutants in the air.

Solar electricity does not produce any harmful emissions and is powered by the sun’s infinite light, so it’s considered a “clean” and “renewable” source of energy. By adding solar to your home, you are helping to reduce emissions, mitigate the impacts of climate change and enable healthier air in your community. 

3. Solar leases require no upfront costs.

Start your family on the road to energy savings without the hassle of large upfront costs. PosiGen’s 25-year solar leases. We also require no minimum credit score or income level to make solar accessible to all homeowners.

4. Solar makes your home more attractive.

You needn’t be concerned about solar panels ruining the look of your home. Modern panels are sleek, stylish, and cost-effective. Gen Z and Millennial home buyers are almost 30% more likely than older generations to buy a home with energy-efficient upgrades and solar panels. 

Your PosiGen solar lease agreement is typically transferrable, allowing for a smooth transition and avoiding complications during any sales process. Enjoy the financial benefits of solar energy, potentially increase your home’s appeal and have peace of mind around future plans to relocate.

5. Solar is easy to install and convenient to maintain.

Solar is actually very easy to install and built to last. Most home installations only take a day. Systems require little or no maintenance over their 20-30 year life, but when needed, maintenance is included in your PosiGen contract. On the off chance a panel is damaged, PosiGen’s solar experts can help fix it and get you back on track for savings.

Solar power made easy

The positive impacts of solar energy are not limited to individuals. Entire communities benefit from reduced pollution, enhanced public health, job creation and economic development stimulated by the growing solar industry. Solar energy empowers communities to take control of their energy future, fostering resilience and sustainability.

When you work with PosiGen, we won’t install solar panels unless we can guarantee savings in your first year.


Now that you understand the benefits, hear from real customers to learn more about how they are loving their home solar installations.


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