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Think You Can’t Afford Solar? Think Again

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With improvements in solar technology and government incentives, home solar systems have become increasingly affordable. However, some homeowners don’t qualify for tax credits due to their liability. Purchasing and installing systems can also require a large upfront cost and passing credit and income screenings. Many Americans are left feeling that solar isn’t possible for them.

PosiGen defies the status quo by ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from clean energy. Our leasing program is designed to alleviate common barriers to going solar. Instead of a high upfront cost, homeowners enjoy paying a fixed monthly lease payment that is lower than their current utility bill. This not only enables immediate savings but also long-term reductions that allow you to put extra money away for additional home improvements, emergencies or other goals. In this way, many homeowners can both afford solar and also enjoy the lasting financing and environmental advantages of embracing renewable energy. 


Solar for All

At PosiGen, we believe that solar energy should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income. Our Solar For All campaigns are nationally recognized programs to lower energy costs and increase solar affordability. We offer cost-effective energy solutions to more than 18,000 customers across the United States. This financial flexibility makes it easier for a wider range of individuals and families to transition to solar power and enjoy its benefits.




No minimum credit or income requirements
While loans may help some purchase residential solar, homeowners with credit scores that do not meet income requirements can still find themselves shut out of clean energy savings. That’s why PosiGen does not need your credit score or any income verification for our solar leases. We eliminate these obstacles to make solar accessible to all homeowners.


Flexible solar leasing

Our solar leases enable PosiGen to further our mission of bringing Solar to All. We own and maintain your solar energy system, so we claim the tax credit and pass the savings and clean energy access onto you through affordable lease payments. Leasing allows you to transform your home and get all the benefits of solar power at a low cost. 


  • No upfront costs: Start your solar journey without the hassle of large upfront costs. Leasing solar panels is like renting instead of buying them, reducing the immediate financial burden. 
  • Easy, monthly payments: We set up a monthly ACH debit so you can conveniently manage your payments. If you ever run into trouble and can’t make your payment PosiGen goes through all available options to ensure you can remain part of our clean energy family and continue to reduce your utility costs. 
  • Maintenance included: As your system’s owner, we provide monitoring, maintenance and insurance for the life of the lease. There’s no need to worry about unexpected expenses or learning how to take care of your installation. Just focus on enjoying the benefits without stressing about solar panel upkeep.

Energy efficiency for additional value

When you use less energy, you pay less. Solar and energy efficiency work hand in hand to take your energy cost savings even further.

PosiGen provides a zero-cost energy efficiency assessment and makes any necessary upgrades as part of your solar leasing program. This thorough energy audit identifies areas of your home that may be causing energy and air leaks and determines what improvements will save you the most money and provide the best comfort. Energy efficiency upgrades can include:

  • Air sealing and weather stripping
  • Duct repair and sealing
  • A programmable thermostat
  • Energy-saving light bulbs
  • A water heater insulation jacket
  • Attic entrance sealing
  • Air filter replacement

These enhancements can result in a 5% to 30% reduction in energy costs per year, maximizing possible savings. 



Guaranteed savings

Leasing solar panels immediately lowers your electricity bills. As part of our commitment to our neighbors and communities, PosiGen will not recommend you go solar unless we can guarantee you will save on your monthly energy costs in the first year after your system is activated. See how much some of our current customers have saved.

Leasing locks in a fixed electricity rate for your solar power, so even while electricity prices continue to rise in the future, you are protected from increased costs. Over time, you’ll see a return on your investment through your reduced energy bills, energy efficiency and a more comfortable home. 

Our mission to make solar affordable for every homeowner fuels our commitment to bringing lower energy costs and clean energy to you. We are dedicated to a better future by helping homeowners increase energy independence and ensuring the financial security of the areas we serve. We are making it possible for families to invest in their homes, lower their energy costs and take steps toward creating cleaner communities.



Now that you know you can afford solar, take the next step and schedule a consultation with our team to explore your options.



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