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Powering Positive Change: PosiGen Achieves B Corp Certification

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PosiGen, the pioneering force in residential solar leasing and energy efficiency solutions, has proudly earned its B Corp Certification. This certification not only solidifies our unwavering commitment to high standards but also underscores our dedication to social and environmental responsibility. PosiGen’s B Corp Certification places them among businesses that lead in verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and legal accountability, using market power to address societal and environmental challenges. At PosiGen, we proudly stand at the forefront of empowering underserved communities through sustainable practices.

What is a B Corporation?

B Corporations represent visionary enterprises dedicated to unleashing the transformative potential of their products and operations to drive positive change. B Corp Certification is a testament to our adherence to elevated standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency, encompassing diverse factors such as employee benefits, charitable contributions, supply chain practices, and input materials.

To achieve this esteemed certification, a company must undergo a rigorous process, showcasing high social and environmental performance with a B Impact Assessment score of 80 or above, and successfully navigating a comprehensive risk review. 

Transparency becomes a hallmark of B Corp Certification, with companies openly sharing information about their performance against B Lab’s standards. This transparency is not just about disclosure; it's a public commitment showcased on their B Corp profile on B Lab’s website.

These companies, like PosiGen, undergo a demanding certification process, affirming their dedication to the loftiest standards of performance, accountability, and transparency across social, environmental, and governance realms. B Corp Certification isn't just about meeting benchmarks; it's about embodying an unwavering commitment to verified social and environmental excellence, coupled with unparalleled public transparency and legal accountability. 

Why B Corp Certification Matters to PosiGen:

PosiGen's pathway to B Corp Certification seamlessly integrates with our foundational values and overarching mission. Since our inception, we've been driven by a commitment to addressing the clean energy affordability gap prevalent in underserved communities. Our mission transcends mere utility bill reduction; it's about transforming communities through sustainable practices. Harnessing the inexhaustible power of the sun, we pave the way for a greener future while making clean energy accessible to those who need it most.

PosiGen stands at the forefront of innovation with initiatives like residential rooftop solar leasing and energy efficiency upgrades. These not only serve as practical means to reduce utility bills but also embody our dedication to providing ecological advantages inherent in clean energy. By going beyond the ordinary and embracing cutting-edge technologies, PosiGen underscores its commitment to making a lasting impact on both the environment and the communities we serve.

In tandem with our mission, the journey towards B Corp Certification becomes a natural step in PosiGen's growth. This esteemed designation aligns seamlessly with PosiGen's holistic approach, acknowledging that sustainable business practices aren't just about what we do, but how we do it. Our commitment to verified social and environmental excellence, transparent business practices, and legal accountability is an extension of our ethos, further solidifying PosiGen's role as a transformative force in the renewable energy landscape.

Ben Healey, PosiGen CFO, emphasized, "Our business model intrinsically focuses on social and environmental justice. Completing this transition to a Public Benefit Corporation and a certified B-Corp identifies our products and services as a force for good, which directly aligns with our mission to make solar available to all – especially underserved communities. PosiGen exists to make going solar simple and affordable, for the benefit of people and the planet." 

Peter Shaper, PosiGen CEO, added, "Certification by the B-Lab not only validates the hard work of the dedicated PosiGen workforce for over a decade now, but will also help the company continue to grow in attracting top talent, building stronger partnerships and demonstrating how we make a meaningful difference for the communities that we serve."

This commitment is at the heart of PosiGen's identity, where our journey to B Corp certification mirrors our ongoing dedication to making sustainable energy accessible and affordable for all.

PosiGen's Journey to B Corp Certification:

In our quest to become B Corp Certified, PosiGen achieved an exceptional 80-point score in the challenging B Impact Assessment, surpassing the threshold and navigating B Lab's thorough risk review process.

This certification stands as a testament to PosiGen's unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship, exemplified by our exceptional performance in the environmental category. Through the deployment of solar panels, yielding over 750 million kWh of renewable energy, we not only drive down utility costs but also play a pivotal role in advancing global initiatives aimed at combating climate change.

Our impact extends beyond the environmental realm, with commendable performance in the "workers and customers" category of the B Impact Assessment. PosiGen positively influences over 25,000 homeowners across multiple states and boasts a diverse workforce where over 65% of staff identify as women and/or Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). The tangible outcome of our mission is quantifiable, with annual household savings exceeding 15% on energy bills, showcasing the real and positive social impact PosiGen brings to the communities we serve. This journey to B Corp Certification epitomizes our ongoing commitment to sustainable practices and making a meaningful difference.

Legal Commitment and Transparency:

The certification journey extends beyond performance metrics, necessitating a profound legal commitment. Companies commit to reshaping their corporate governance structures, fostering accountability to all stakeholders, not just shareholders. PosiGen fulfilled the legal requirement for B Corp certification by electing Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) status. As a PBC, PosiGen prioritizes social good, commiting to high levels of accountability and transparency.

PosiGen's B Corp Certification marks a significant milestone in its journey towards sustainability and positive societal impact. As a certified B Corp, PosiGen exemplifies the transformative power of business to drive positive change, reinforcing its mission to make affordable solar energy options available for homeowners of all income levels while contributing to a more sustainable future. PosiGen's attainment of B Corp Certification is not just a badge of honor; it's a pledge to our valued customers. As a PosiGen customer, you're not only choosing an energy solution that prioritizes your savings but also aligning with a company deeply committed to environmental stewardship. Your decision to go solar with PosiGen means more than just reduced utility bills—it's a direct contribution to global initiatives combating climate change. You're not merely a customer; you're an essential part of a sustainable future.


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