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What to Expect During Your PosiGen Home Solar Installation

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Solar is a clean, sustainable energy source that helps reduce dependency on less environmentally-friendly power sources such as natural gas, coal, or crude oil, while providing a variety of economic benefits. Leasing solar through PosiGen makes solar more accessible to homeowners regardless of credit or income level to allow everyone to manage their energy costs.

The benefits of solar speak for themselves, but what can you expect when workers actually show up to your house? Here’s a look at our installation process along with some customer questions we commonly encounter. While each installation will look a little different, we can promise that, no matter what, when you work with PosiGen we make it easy.

Pre-installation work
Your total journey will take about 3 to 6 months to complete. To ensure any solar project is successful, it’s important to have all of the details laid out and paperwork in order. First will be:


Design and engineering: A PosiGen residential energy specialist will schedule a visit to your home for a site survey and engineering review. We’ll examine your house and your past energy bills to see if solar makes sense for you and will provide significant savings.


Customer FAQ: Why do you ask for my current electric bill?
Your electric bill provides a detailed record of your home’s typical energy consumption. We request a full year of bills to better understand how much energy your household needs during different seasons.

If we find that solar will indeed help reduce your utility bills, we’ll create a custom design based on your property that will include the number of panels you’ll need to power your home and what kind of savings you can expect.

Just like when doing other work to your home, adding solar requires a permit. But don’t worry, we’ll handle all the paperwork! Our team will obtain, prepare, and submit all relevant permits to ensure a seamless process. Then, we’re ready to prepare for and schedule your installation.


Home solar installation
Now it’s time for your solar installation day! First, our team of qualified and licensed installers will make any electrical service or structural upgrades necessary to support the system. Then we install the solar panels, the racks that they sit in, and the inverter that turns the DC solar power into AC electricity that you can use according to your system design. We’ll also add a solar monitoring system that can interface with an app on your phone so you can see how your system is generating.


Customer FAQ: Do I have to be home for my solar installation?
We request that someone over the age of 18 is present for your installation in case we have any questions as we work to implement your system.


Testing: After the solar panels are in place, we test them to ensure everything is working properly to provide your home with clean, efficient solar energy.

Cleanup: Most installations only take a day. Our team will be sure to clean up the site when we’re done so you won’t find a trace except for your new solar panels!


Finalizing your solar array

While we know you’ll want to turn on your system, there are a couple more steps to complete before you can start saving.


Inspection: Local permitting authorities will complete an inspection to make sure everything is properly installed and operation-ready.


Energy efficiency audit: We’ll also perform your energy efficiency audit, which is included in the cost of your PosiGen solar lease. We’ll identify other areas of concern like drafts or inefficient insulation and make energy-efficient upgrades at no cost so you can use even less energy and save more!




Activation: Once your solar system passes the inspection, it’s time to turn it on so you can start generating your own electricity on day one and see savings on your very first electric bill. We’ll follow up with a call and survey to complete the installation process.


Customer FAQ: When can I expect my first lease bill from PosiGen?
Customers can expect their first bill about 30 days after activation.


PosiGen warranties all of our work and the solar installation. We use reputable, established, and industry-known brands and suppliers. We take care of all system maintenance so we’ll continue to make sure your system operates as it should so you don’t have to worry about making any future repairs yourself or paying for them. From system design through activation, PosiGen provides peace of mind as your trusted navigator throughout your path toward solar savings.


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