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5 Reasons Why Solar is Something to Celebrate

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It’s no secret that solar power is becoming more and more popular worldwide. Over the past several years, many home and business owners have upgraded their buildings to use solar, and the government has made bigger investments in the technology to make it more accessible for all. At PosiGen, we think solar is something to be celebrated!

Celebrating Solar

Solar is a smart choice — not just for individual home or business owners, but for the world. It’s essential to recognize the significant benefits that solar power brings to our lives and the world. Here are our top five reasons to celebrate solar!

Growing the Job Market

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, solar photovoltaic installation jobs are estimated to see 27% growth from 2021 to 2031. The occupation is currently the 18th fastest-growing job in the United States! According to the most recent National Solar Jobs Census performed in 2021, the industry employs 255,037 workers. Our team at PosiGen is thrilled to be a part of that number, so the growth in solar jobs is certainly something we celebrate! And it’s more than just good news for our valued team members — growing jobs is good news for the whole country and the economy!

Increasing Home Value

Thinking about installing solar for your home? In addition to making your roof a solar-power-generating, utility-bill-lowering machine, solar will increase your home’s value by thousands of dollars. A study performed by Zillow found that homebuyers will pay up to 4.1% more for homes equipped with solar panels. What does that mean for you? Savings all around! If you install solar on your home, you’ll get the benefit of generating your own power (and saving on those electricity bills), but you’ll also see increased value in the event you decide to sell your home somewhere down the line.

What if you decide to lease your panels instead of purchasing them outright? Some of our customers worry that a solar lease might hinder these benefits — they worry that a lease might tie them to the home for the length of the contract. However, PosiGen solar leases are fully transferable, meaning we’ll make it easy to sell your home and transfer the lease to the new homeowners without the headache.

Boosting Resilience

When disaster strikes, power outages follow. We’ve seen this countless times over the past several years as the country weathers hurricanes, blizzards, and wildfires. But solar can preemptively support communities and provide them power in times of crisis. 

One extreme example is Puerto Rico — the island experienced lengthy power outages after being hit by Hurricane Maria in 2017. In the months that followed, several solar companies generously donated to the island, making it possible to deploy solar-powered micro-grids to power hospitals, fire stations, and other essential services in the time of need. In the years since, Puerto Rico has invested in more and more micro-grids to support their rural towns. The result is a more resilient power system to serve a community at risk for hurricanes.

Powering the World

Solar can aid in recovery after natural disasters, but it’s helpful even without a crisis. Solar technology plays a vital role in bringing power to the developing world. With the use of micro-grids, solar can bring to light to remote areas in developing countries. Providing power to these areas is a big factor in lifting them out of poverty. The cost of solar has decreased dramatically in recent years and is continuing to fall, which in helping solar to become the go-to for new power generation in the developing world! Solar power is bringing the world closer together every day.

Going Green

We all know solar is a cleaner source of energy, but just how green is it? Consider other forms of power generation, such as burning fossil fuels. These produce large amounts of carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change. In contrast, solar panels actually reduce carbon emissions. Even more impressive, they are better than trees at reducing carbon emissions! Not only is solar less expensive than other energy alternatives, but it is also a greener, cleaner choice for our environment.

Celebrate Solar with PosiGen

Whatever your reasons for celebrating solar, we at PosiGen are thrilled to help our customers save money, save energy, and make a positive impact. Are you ready to make a change and go solar for yourself? PosiGen’s solar experts can help. Reach out to us today!

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