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5 Reasons Why Solar is Something to Celebrate

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Solar energy has increasingly proven its value in recent years, and has also simultaneously decreased in price. For that reason, both utility scale and home solar as a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) is seeing unprecedented growth worldwide! With that growth also comes many benefits, here are are just a few:

Solar Jobs – According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, solar installation jobs are the fastest growing occupation over the next 10 years. Nationally, the solar industry employs roughly 250,271 American workers (including of course our team at PosiGen) according to the Department of Energy. Clearly solar jobs are something to celebrate, but not only for our valued employees, also the U.S. economy!

Solar Homes are More Valuable – In addition to making your roof a solar power generating, utility bill lowering machine, there are a number of studies that show solar homes are valued more than non-solar counterparts. This increased value has its upsides, but in the event that a solar home owner is thinking of moving, they can recoup on their investment and consider going solar in their next home it’s suitable. It’s been said that in many places throughout the US, an investment in solar beats out an investment in the stock market!

Resilience – When disaster strikes, power outages follow. Perhaps nowhere else was this more apparent than in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Due to the generous contributions of numerous solar companies, solar powered micro-grids that were deployed easily delivered power to hospitals, fire stations and other essential services in time of need. Additionally, many solar arrays survived the storm due to the panels’ durable construction. Although the road to recovery is long for Puerto Rico, solar powered micro-grids, and solar arrays that survived the storm help enormously in relief efforts. This holds a great deal of value for many regions that also share extreme weather. The best way to offer relief from a natural disaster is to deploy quick and easy solar power so that relief crews can get to work!

Bringing Power to the World – In the aftermath of natural disasters, solar can be a huge help to aid recovery, but solar also plays a vital role in bringing power to the developing world. It’s been said that almost as many people around the world are without light today, as there were when the lightbulb was invented. With the use of micro-grids, solar can bring to light to remote areas in developing countries and provide power that lifts people out of poverty. The cost of solar has decreased dramatically in recent years, and continues to fall so much so that solar is increasingly becoming the go-to for new power generation in the developing world!

Solar is Green – Many of us know that solar is a cleaner source of energy, but just how green is it? Well we all know trees are green and produce oxygen, but they also absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. While other forms of power generation produce a large amounts of carbon dioxide, according to the website New England Clean Energy, the average 7.8Kw solar array offsets as much as carbon dioxide as 50 trees! Although most of us wouldn’t chop down that many trees just to install a solar array, it’s great to know that solar power provides energy that is much cleaner, and cheaper than other alternatives.

Whatever your reasons for going solar, the value of rooftop solar for delivering energy savings are a reason to give thanks. Visit PosiGen today or call 866-POSIGEN to find out more about energy savings through our energy efficiency and solar leases!


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