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Read stories from real PosiGen customers who have save energy and money by going solar. 
Elvin Image

Elvin C.

Home Size: 1,800 Sq. Ft. 

Average Bill before PosiGen: $500

First-Year Solar Savings: $4,000

A Solar Future for Generations


In July 2017, Elvin made a conscious choice to adopt solar energy. Residing in an 1800-square-foot home with a family of six, Elvin's motivation was twofold: the prospect of saving money and contributing to a healthier planet for his four boys.

Energy Usage and Savings:

Before getting PosiGen's solar panels, Elvin grappled with a hefty monthly energy bill of $500. Key contributors to his energy expenses included the AC system, the size of his home, and the energy habits of his four sons. However, after making the switch to solar, his initial energy bill saw a significant drop to $140, translating into substantial savings that could potentially reach $4000 within the first year.

Impact and Lifestyle Changes:

Elvin's decision to embrace solar energy has not only injected additional resources into his family's daily life but has also alleviated financial burdens. Beyond the economic aspect, it has fostered a sense of environmental responsibility in his boys, instilling in them a commitment to a world benefiting from clean, renewable energy—a legacy that extends beyond immediate savings to a sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

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