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Read stories from real PosiGen customers who have save energy and money by going solar. 
Cara Image

Cara W.

Home Size: 2,000 Sq. Ft. 

Average Bill before PosiGen: up to $300

First Bill After Switching: $70

Monthly Savings and Sustainable Choices


Cara Wallace commenced her solar journey with PosiGen in October 2022. Inhabiting a 2000-square-foot home with a family of four, her primary motivation was the pursuit of monthly savings.

Energy Usage and Savings:

Prior to embracing solar, Cara contended with average monthly energy bills ranging from $200 to $300. Contributors to her energy usage included a pool, hot tub, AC, and various electronic devices. Upon transitioning to solar, her initial energy bill saw a significant drop to $70, with savings starting to accrue. As she navigates her first year, the total savings are yet to be fully realized.

Impact and Lifestyle Changes:

The most noteworthy change since Cara adopted solar power is the increased financial flexibility in her household budget, particularly during the demanding summer months when the pool pump runs continuously and the AC is in high demand. This newfound financial freedom enables her to allocate resources to various aspects of her family's life.

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