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Solar For All Paterson

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We are excited to announce an opportunity to reduce your utility bills, make your home more comfortable, and help make a cleaner environment for our greater community. The City of Paterson and PosiGen have teamed up to offer you affordable rooftop solar and energy efficiency upgrades for your home through a program called Solar for AllSolar for All Paterson is a city and community supported initiative to reduce the barriers to going solar.

What is the Solar for All initiative offering? This is a 20-year solar lease program that covers the full cost of installing, maintaining and insuring the solar system. There is no money down, no credit score requirement, no minimum income, and no equipment to buy. Lease payments begin after all energy efficiency improvements had been made and the solar system is installed and producing energy.

How is this program different? This opportunity means that you are financially approved for a rooftop solar system lease and energy efficiency upgrades regardless of your credit score. With solar and energy efficiency upgrades, you are guaranteed to save money in the first year of your lease. Your fixed monthly payment covers all costs of the solar system, the energy upgrades, monitoring, maintenance, and any needed repairs during the lease.

Learn more about energy savings for your home. I hope you’ll take this opportunity to learn if solar energy is a good option for your family, and to help us make the great city of Paterson a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly community.  I encourage you to call PosiGen to schedule your free no-obligation appointment with a Residential Energy Specialist today. Mention our Solar for All Paterson program, and discover how you can save money by going green! 

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