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First PosiGen Solar Mississippi Customer Putting Her Roof to Work

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PosiGen's Solar for All Mississippi officially launched in March 2021 with the Solar Installation of a Gulfport resident. The innovative program offers 100% of solar feasible homeowners a financing solution with either a no money down, no credit requirement solar lease with energy efficiency upgrades, or traditional financing for eligible homeowners who wish to purchase their systems.

Solar for All Mississippi is partnering with Education, Economics, Environmental, Climate and Healthy Organization (EEECHO), a Gulfport non-profit whos mission is to empower communities with a voice, self-reliance and the knowledge and skills to thrive. EEECHO will with the nation's leading provider of solar to the low-to-moderate-income community, PosiGen Solar, to provide free solar evaluations to all homeowners interested in the cost-saving benefits of clean energy.

For more information and to find out how much you could save by going solar fill out the form below and call: 844-78-SOLAR (844-787-6527).

Check out WLOX's reporting: Gulfport resident excited for her homes' new solar panels as part of "Solar for All" initiative


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