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Bringing Solar for All to Massachusetts: Read About PosiGen's Expansion

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At PosiGen, we are proud to bring our mission of Solar for All to states across the country, helping homeowners achieve lower monthly energy bills and reduce their impact on the environment by going solar. We are excited to announce that we are expanding our services into Massachusetts, providing Bay State residents with the same high-quality solar panels and support we have given to all our customers over the years.

PR Newswire recently published a press release covering our expansion and what that means for Massachusetts. The press release discusses:

  • Who PosiGen is and what we do
  • What the expansion means for Massachusetts
  • How the PosiGen team plans to help the state and its residents go green with solar power

Take a look at the full press release over at

Do you have questions about PosiGen's solar program? Want to get started with solar power? We can help — reach out to us to speak with an expert.


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