The Benefits of an Efficient Building

The Benefits of an Efficient Building

Sure energy efficiency can help save on bills, but it can do a lot more for your home or business.  It’s estimated that people spend roughly 90% of their time indoors, and whether it’s in a residence, at work or in schools, it’s clear that buildings are a huge part of our lives.  For this reason, efficient buildings are incredibly important to our quality of life.  That means buildings that cost less to keep comfortable, that have better air quality and are more energy efficient.


Comfortable indoor climate

Good insulation, thorough air sealing work and quality Energy Star® certified windows will control heat, moisture and airflow in an effective way that keeps occupants comfortable and breathing freely.  Efficient ventilation systems like air exchangers on heating systems, ventilators, fans and heat recovery circulate air inside a building, and push out unwanted moisture and polluted air.  High efficiency boilers and furnaces that are properly sized use less energy and heat buildings more efficiently without leaving hot or cold spots.


Fresh air

If you were to consider all of the moisture created by coffee makers, tea kettles, fish tanks and people you’d understand why having a healthy amount of airflow from the outside is important.  Take into account particulate matter from carpeting and even paint fumes and there’s a clear case why building efficiency experts say that the air in the average home should be refreshed roughly every three hours with air from outside the building.  Outside air often takes less time to heat or cool due to a lower level of contaminants from inside the building.


Keeping Dry

About 5-13 gallons of moisture precipitate inside a house every day, and this becomes an air quality problem when humidity levels creep over 40%.  In more humid areas, building occupants will notice peeling paint, stained walls and ceilings and even mold issues.

For humidity over 50%, issues like airborne diseases can be very difficult to control in indoor spaces.  In spaces that see issues like humidity at these levels, it can be crucial to cycle air into the space every 3-4 hours.  Finding a good balance between sealing up air leaks, and having enough ventilation from outside can be important to the comfort of occupants.  To understand a building as a ‘system’ of processes, rather than simply a space or set of spaces. is crucial to creating a comfortable and healthy building.


Increased Value

Buildings that are efficient are known to last longer and cost less to operate.  Therefore, they often fetch a better price, and are on average better lit, have better ventilation and are more comfortable than less efficient buildings.  Furthermore, there are many studies showing that efficient buildings lead to more efficient occupants.  For the average homeowner though, there is the added comfort in knowing they have more control over monthly energy bills that is worth a little extra at the end of the day!

If people spend all but 10% of their time inside buildings, isn’t it worth making them as healthy and cost efficient as possible for their occupants?  If you want help making your home more energy efficient and self reliant with solar power, reach out to PosiGen today!


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