Vector image of the state of Louisiana.

Solar in Louisiana is a community effort. PosiGen was founded in 2011 in the city of New Orleans with a goal to help homeowners save with solar in a post-Katrina city that was in the process of rebuilding. 

It was these first customers and their referred friends and family members that let us see a vision for the future – a world where any home owner could utilize green energy and energy efficiency measures to offset their electrical costs. 

Going green didn’t have to cost MORE, it could help you SAVE.With offices now in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge, and a service area that covers the majority of the state, PosiGen has expanded across Louisiana to help over 12,000 families with the combined power of solar panels and energy efficiency work. 

Whether leasing or purchasing, If you’re a Louisiana homeowner looking to go green and save green PosiGen has a solution for you!