Solar for All Louisiana Jobs Training and Recruitment

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Start a career in the sustainable solar industry at our two day training sessions. We will introduce attendees to the solar industry and talk about the benefits of having a non exportable solar industry career right here in Louisiana.

PosiGen’s Solar For All campaigns are nationally recognized programs to lower energy costs and increase solar affordability. The programs offer a no-money down, affordable 20-year lease and energy efficiency upgrades with savings guarantees for all homeowners, regardless of income or credit score.

PosiGen is committed to reducing energy cost for all homeowners, especially those who need it most with low income, are on fixed incomes, or have high utility cost while creating quality jobs and making our communities more climate resilient.

Submit your resume by visiting:

For additional information about PosiGen Solar, call 844-78-SOLAR (844-787-6527) or visit

For more specific information about JOBS at PosiGen, call 504.293.5489 or visit