Harsh Winters And Your Solar Energy System.

Harsh Winters And Your Solar Energy System.

Our New York and Connecticut customers are experiencing an extreme winter this year. The erratic weather like we have been experiencing is due to a changing climate. Reports of 5 to 6 feet of snow coverage is nothing to overlook, and staying safe and warm this winter should be your first priority – not your solar panels. So, PosiGen is putting together this small list of things to keep in mind this winter season. 

Snow covering your solar panels: Heavy snowstorms will cover your panels, but it is important that you do not attempt to shovel the snow off your panels as this can lead to scratches on the panels’ surface, and more importantly, can be a safety hazard for you. Your solar panels’ black surface will quickly gather heat from the sun and help melt the snow and slide off your system.

Energy production concerns: Heavy snowfall that covers your panels can temporarily cease your system’s panel production, and the shorter winter days will generally lower the amount of production you see day to day. This is where net metering comes in handy. The credits you received during over productive summer and spring months can help offset the production you might be losing in the winter.

Low temperatures actually help production: Low temperatures actually make your panels (when not covered in snow) more efficient at utilizing the sun’s rays to produce energy! Who knew?!

In the unlikely event that your panels become damaged in a snowstorm: All leased solar electricity systems from PosiGen are fully maintained and insured by us. If your panels receive any damage from naturally inclement weather – we will take care of any repairs at no cost to you.

If you have any questions or concerns – please call us at 866-PosiGen or email us at info@posigen.com

Have a safe, warm and lovely holiday season!



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