Happy New Year from PosiGen!

Happy New Year from PosiGen!

With another successful year drawing to a close, PosiGen would like to thank all of its customers and to wish them a Happy New Year.  Whatever your resolution may be, we know that ours is to bring more people solar savings in 2019!

With the opening of our Hartford, NJ, and Baton Rouge, LA offices this past year, we are able to bring solar savings to even more customers nationwide.  In Hamden, CT PosiGen successfully launched our Solar For All campaign, which helps outline the many benefits of home solar and partners with Connecticut Green Bank to bring solar energy savings and energy efficiency solutions to our customers in the Northeast.


Perhaps most impressive is the amount of clean energy provided for PosiGen customers.  To date, the power generation of PosiGen’s solar systems combined, at 63,774,000 kWh, is equal to 116,327,684 miles driven, 5,340,576 gallons of gas consumed, and 51,927,456 lbs. of coal burned.  The same amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) offset by our systems altogether are equal to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 55,903 acres of trees!  That’s an area roughly 4 times the size of Hartford, CT!


It’s clear that PosiGen is excited about energy efficiency and solar, and we are proud of the progress we’ve made bringing customers energy savings and solar for all.  If your resolution in the new year is to go solar, look no further than energy efficiency and rooftop solar for delivering clean energy savings.  Contact PosiGen today to find out more about how PosiGen can help you!

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