Customer Profile: Margie of Lacombe, LA.

Customer Profile: Margie of Lacombe, LA.

In December 2013, Margie of Lacombe, Louisiana came across a PosiGen infomercial. The program was explaining  that the current solar tax credits were changing by the New Year. 

She couldn’t believe what the infomercial was telling her at first: no money down, no credit check, no payment until the system was fully operational, etc. Margie had actually done some shopping around with  other local solar providers and wasn’t impressed with what they offered. 

“One company even required a payment just for an initial meeting with their representative!” Margie stated.

Margie showing off one of her utility bills.
Margie showing off one of her utility bills.

But, being a retiree on a fixed budget with an added concern from the environment, Margie decided to see what this “too good to be true” offer from PosiGen was all about.


Her sales representative accurately and thoughtfully explained the entire process of going solar with PosiGen. Every expectation was carefully explained to her, and Margie really liked what she was hearing.

“I am well educated in solar, so I knew what to ask my representative and they explained it thoroughly. They even told me about the permit process and how that is usually the longest part of the process.”

“My monthly savings means more treats for my dogs!”

Margie’s bills before PosiGen were averaging  $275 per month. When her system was turned on and her energy efficiency upgrades were completed, her bills then dropped to an average of $25 per  month in the summertime, and $85 a month in the winter time. Even with her monthly lease payment, the amount of monthly savings she experiences is enormously helpful for a homeowner on a fixed income.

Margie always wanted to go solar and PosiGen made that happen for her. She is saving money while saving the earth. And she can now afford more treats for her dogs – an added plus.

Every home is different. Individual homeowner savings will vary. Call (866) 767-4436 for more information about PosiGen’s solar leasing, solar purchase, and energy efficiency programs. 

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It has always been my dream to have solar panels installed on my home. Unfortunately, I cannot do that in the housing complex I live in, I will have to wait till I can move out and build the house of my dreams somewhere, possibly in southern California. Solar panels are awesome in that, you are using free and abundant clean energy to power your household appliances, it is unfortunate that they cost so much to produce, otherwise, everyone would have solar panels.
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