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Profiles in Solar – The WaterLily Turbine

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Ok, so this gadget is NOT solar at all, but we try to keep an open mind here at PosiGen and this gadget was just too cool NOT to share. Perhaps we should rename it ‘Profiles in Green Energy’?

This week we’re looking at the WaterLily Turbine – a small, portable turbine that charges devices such as phones, tablets, GPS, GoPros and other small electronics. How? It converts either water flow or airflow. It’s compact, lightweight, and comes with the option of a hand crank.

We here at PosiGen love all green gadgets and this one is particularly useful in cases where solar is not a great option – like trying to charge your phone at night while camping. Rather than waiting until daylight to charge up, you can use the Waterlily.

Check out this awesome video from the company:


We love it! It’s always exciting to see more and more green tech come out and think of all the great uses these devices provide to keep us going!
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