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Profiles in Solar – Solar Powered Lawn Mowers

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We’ve fallen slightly behind in our “Profiles in Solar” series. As a result, we’re going to move the series to twice a month. Our second feature will be scheduled for 5/28/2018.

Here in New Orleans (where our corporate office is located) the weather is getting HOT. Weekend mornings are punctuated by the sounds of homeowners trying to take advantage of the morning reprieve and cut their lawns before the full force of the heat and the sun make it almost unbearable.

What if there was no need for such a rush, and we could instead spend our mornings relaxing? That’s where such innovations as the Automower come into play.

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Like the robotic vacuums and mops that came before, these new series of inventions seek to simplify our lives with an automated task. In this case. cutting one’s lawn with a robot powered by solar. There are several different versions on the market, most of which can be found on Amazon. However they all seem to have similar features – solar power and the promise of a clean cut lawn with minimal human involvement – most of the machines don’t make nearly the same amount of noise as well.

Just one of the many ways solar is making our lives more comfortable, and our weekend mornings more serene.
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