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Profiles in Solar – Solar Blinds

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Maybe you’ve tried getting solar but couldn’t get a rooftop install because you were renting. Or maybe your roof, for some reason, was not feasible. You may think there are no other options, but Solar Gaps has found a solution.

Solar blinds, installed in windows and glass doorways, can help produce electricity in homes that are not suitable for traditional rooftop solar (or anywhere, really). The blinds plug into a regular AC outlet and generate up to 150 Wh per set, with a small inverter attached. They can be controlled and monitored via smartphone and contain a small emergency battery backup.

On their website, Solar Gaps lists a variety of sizes and color options with their production stats as well. You can learn more about them on their website. These are a truly incredible invention that helps serve renters or business owners who can’t take advantage of rooftop solar but still want to use renewable energy to power their homes and offices.

For those who can get rooftop solar, check out PosiGen’s mission at

“SolarGaps for Homes.” SolarGaps Home,

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