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Profiles in Solar – Mickey Mouse Solar Farm

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To start the new year off, we here at PosiGen are going to be featuring a different piece about solar each week. It could be a person, location, or event.

Image courtesy of Orlando Sentinel

It is a little-kept secret that Disney likes to hide the design of their iconic mouse in the design and art they create: check out this one for actual faces in Disneyland. However, that habit seems to have extended into an unexpected avenue – a solar farm located in Florida in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.

Located near Epcot and completed in 2016 the 22-acre farm produces about five-megawatts of solar power. It’s iconic shape can be viewed from the air and the facility is intended to power nearby Walt Disney World.

The farm is owned and operated by Duke Energy on Disney-owned land, and is a great example of Disney’s creativity and interest in renewable energy sources.

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