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Profiles in Solar – Babcock Ranch

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To start the new year off, we here at PosiGen are going to be featuring a different piece about solar each week. It could be a person, location, or event.

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Just outside of Fort Myers, FL is located the town of Babcock Ranch. With a grand opening coming up on March 10th, this is not your ordinary town. This town is the result of careful planning – and a partnership with Florida Light & Power – creating a town powered by solar.

They state on their website that their goal is to “ensure that the net production of clean, renewable energy at Babcock Ranch exceeds the total amount the town will consume”. This will be achieved with the Babcock Ranch FPL Solar Energy Center that generates 74.5 megawatts over it’s 440 acre expanse.

The homes themselves are designed with energy efficiency in mind – not only will the town be powered by solar but the homes will need less power due to these designs. Homes are currently available in the community.

As solar grows in popularity, we hope to see more of these towns popping up with the design to be energy efficient, solar powered, and well planned.
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