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Profiles in Solar – Alfredo Moser and the Solar Bottle Bulb

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The Moser Light, or Solar Bottle Bulb, is taking solar power in a whole new direction. Without using any electricity whatsoever, these lights provide indoor lighting in communities that lack electricity using a few simple items. How is this possible?

Alfredo Moser first developed the concept. In the video below you can watch him help a family install two liter bottles filled with water and a little bit of chlorine bleach in their roof to create the ‘light’ that then illuminates the interior of their home.


Since this development, Liter of Light has helped spread the technique across the globe, helping communities illuminate their towns in areas that have limited or no access to electricity.

It’s truly exciting to see the sun harnessed in new and creative ways each day – and the beauty of the Solar Bottle Bulb is the simplicity of the design, making it accessible to everyone.

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