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Profiles in Energy Efficiency – Geothermal Energy for Homeowners with Dandelion Energy

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Geothermal energy is often misunderstood. Many people hear ‘geothermal’ and they are reminded of Yellowstone and geysers that spew hot water hundreds of feet into the air because of geothermal processes. Or perhaps they think of the geothermal energy that generates electricity by using geothermal vents that come from deep below the earth’s crust. Either one would present a problem for anyone looking to heat or cool their home using geothermal. Safety aside, there would be limited opportunities to take part in geothermal energy because of geography. Thankfully, that’s not the case.

Home geothermal, also known as ‘ground source heat pump’ is much more convenient for homeowners and are a highly efficient way to heat and cool homes. How efficient? Dandelion energy, a company from Google’s subsidiary Alphabet claims that homeowners can save up to 50% on their heating and cooling bills. That’s a pretty hefty margin, and savings like these can add up over time.

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So how does it work? Well it’s based on a unique truth about the temperature below and above ground that geothermal heat pumps take advantage of. When the weather above ground causes temperatures to fluctuate, around 10 feet below ground, the temperature stays a constant 55 degrees regardless of the time of year. Those homeowners with basements that stay a consistent 55 degree temperature in the winter or summer may have recognized this phenomenon.

It was only a matter of time before geothermal systems were created that took advantage of this effect, and because of advances in technology, the upfront costs and efficiency has made geothermal systems much more economical for homeowners. Dandelion Energy even offers a payment plan for customers that cannot pay upfront costs, ensuring customers start saving from day one!

When making your home more efficient, it starts with a desire to save on monthly energy bills. If cost is a barrier, PosiGen offers affordable packages that bundle energy efficiency upgrades with solar leasing, leading to sizable savings on utility bills, including monthly payments. We’ve had extensive experience in energy efficiency and solar energy since 2011, helping homeowners make their homes energy efficient and resilient in New Orleans, LA. Since then we’ve increased our reach and effort to bring energy savings to homes across the US. If you are a homeowner in Louisiana, Connecticut or New Jersey, reach out to our renewable energy and energy efficiency experts today and find out how we can help you save on monthly bills!


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