4 Energy Efficiency Renovations for the Outside of the House That Will Save You $$$

4 Energy Efficiency Renovations for the Outside of the House That Will Save You $$$

A comfortable home is a happy home, and when it comes to happiness, saving money on monthly utility bills and having a comfortable indoor climate goes a long way. It’s important to understand though, it’s not always just what’s inside that counts. Sometimes there are energy efficiency upgrades that you can do on the outside that count just as much!

1. Double up your window panes

According to Energy Star, replacing single pane windows with double pane windows can save up to $340. If that’s not an option, weatherstripping your windows to prevent the outdoor breezes from becoming indoor breezes can make heating and cooling cheaper for your household.

2. The roof over your head

Depending on your budget, or your needs, there are many options for making your roof a more efficient structure that helps keep . Insulation helps keep the temperature in your home consistent and comfortable. Additionally, a well insulated roof adds to the durability of your roof and prevents costly repairs!

3. Insulated siding is key

Speaking of insulation, having insulated vinyl siding, which has a foam backing will keep heat in and do it cost efficiently, preventing costly repairs and maintenance. Choice of building material however is just as crucial. Dense materials like brick or wood can add an additional barrier to the building envelope which makes it easier to retain a comfortable indoor climate. Though it may be a stretch for some, structures like those found in the Southwest United States using adobe plaster still maintain some of the tightest building envelopes!

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4. Efficient doors can open up to savings

Weatherstripping can help decrease airflow in and out of your home, making heating and cooling more effiicient, but sometimes you just need to invest in a more efficient door. What makes an energy efficient door? Look for an Energy Star sticker for one thing, but a good rule of thumb is to invest in swinging doors over sliding glass doors. Also, metal doors often require less maintenance than their wood counterparts, saving additional money.

It’s the little things that count

Keeping your indoor space comfortable and energy efficient often requires attention to the outside of the building envelope. These little things add up to a big piece of the pie. Things like planting shade trees to keep out the hot summer sun. Or re-caulking areas that show peeling or cracking caulk. In the end, just car maintenance, energy efficiency is about preventive measures, rather than tackling problems as they arise. Happy savings, and remember, PosiGen is here for energy efficiency and solar leasing if and when you choose to go that route!

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