The Heroism of Renewable Energy

The Heroism of Renewable Energy

You are taking a drive through a neighborhood in your area. As you make your way you notice that many houses dawn solar panels on their roofs. There are a few more installations this time around since you last visited. What’s going on here?

Solar energy has been on the rise since the mid-1900s. Slowly but surely the total amount of energy generated from solar is increasing. Since solar energy’s inception, the benefits of this technology has only been available to the wealthy. But now, with federal and state tax incentives in place, going solar has never been more affordable and hassle free.

The recent increase in residential solar energy (and renewable energy in general) isn’t just confined to homeowners in America. The entire world is benefiting from renewable energy. Renewable energy is growing so fast that even third world countries are benefiting from it. We wanted to share with you a few exciting projects that are bringing clean energy to those who may not have access to it.

Uncharted Play: An Energy Harnessing Soccer Ball.

Harnessing energy through play. That was Jessica O. Matthews’s vision when she came up with the idea in her junior year at Harvard University. She was one person with a big idea, and after she graduated she continued to develop this product with a trusted team that goes by the name “Uncharted Play.”


The simple and fun action of playing soccer with one of these brilliant soccer balls can supply energy for lighting which helps those in developing countries educate themselves and better themselves.

Find out more information on Uncharted Play here.

SunPort: A Plug Adapter That Pulls Energy From Renewables.

Not everyone has solar panels. Though the price for a solar installation is ever decreasing, some people simply don’t own their own home, or are not feasible for solar. That’s where SunPort comes in. SunPort is a plug adapter that pulls energy not from carbon based fuels, but from solar energy. This little plug can match the energy demand of any outlet using SunPort with solar energy.


The big idea here is the more demand there is for solar energy – the more solar energy will grow and become a larger part of the earth’s energy portfolio. SunPort is currently in it’s funding phase, but the steam is picking up quick!

Visit SunPort’s website for more information.

These two projects represent just a small percentage of what is happening in the renewable energy world. Keep your ear to the ground for news on these products and other projects being developed to help world at large.

Shine on!

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