10kw system for $10/mo for the first 10 Months

The PosiGen Solution is your simple, holistic approach to energy savings and efficiency.

Save money, and the environment by reducing the power your home needs.

Say goodbye to those high electric bills and hello to consumption reduction. The PosiGen Solution is about not only about providing cleaner energy through solar, but also putting in energy efficiency work with the end goal of reducing the energy your home needs. Saving you money, and saving the environment. 

The process is simple!

  • Sign up for a no-obligation roofing assessment. 
  • Expert installation of your system by the PosiGen team.
  • Full Energy-Efficiency Assessment and upgrades (LED bulbs, Blower Door Test, Air Sealing and More).
To celebrate 10 years in business PosiGen is offering for a limited time, a 10kw system, for 10$ a month for the first 10 months. 

We want to make this as easy as possible, for as many people as possible to take full advantage of the PosiGen Solution today. That’s why we offer:

  • No money down
  • No credit required
  • No income checks
  • No lease escalators

Make Power, Save Power, Save Money

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Customer Success

Hear what our customers had to say about their experience.

It just made sense to me. I have more money to spend on the other things I really need instead of spending it on electricity.
– Paula, Customer Since 2014
Posigen has meant everything to me. Before my solar panels, my bills were as high as $250-300 dollars. After install I got one as low as $57!
– Chris, Customer Since 2015
I’ve had multiple bills at $11, which is the Basic Hook-Up Fee.  It’s been so great because my bills were in the $300s in the summer and in the winter.
– Margie, Customer Since 2013

Take the first step to saving today

We are on a mission to make a positive impact on low income families and communities by providing affordable solar energy, creating jobs, saving the environment, and guaranteeing your savings.