HOW Net Metering WORKS

Homes without solar power have meters that only count upward based on the amount of electricity used. A Net Meter tracks the amount of energy used from your panels or from the grid when needed. We also install a Power Inverter (to convert DC solar current into AC for your home). This inverter monitors your system and auto­matically alerts us if there are any problems. Once the panels are on your roof they will need to be “powered up” on your home. A representative from PosiGen will come by and activate the system so you can start producing energy.


Our Leasing options are by far our most popular offering. There are almost 12,000 customers across the country benefiting from PosiGen’s lease package, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular:

• Energy Efficiency Upgrades Included

• Easy Monthly Payments

• System Monitoring Included

• No Minimum Credit Requirement

• Maintenance Included

• Install Included



If you’d rather purchase the system outright, we’ve got you covered. We offer flexible financing options and a cash discount. Some highlights of purchasing include:

• Install Included

• 12 Years System Monitoring Included

• Financing Options


• Maintenance and Monitoring for the Life of the Lease

• Over 13,000 Customers Installed to Date

• Everest System Racking*

• Solar Edge Inverters*

• Silfab Panels*

*Please note that systems may feature different components than the ones listed here