Green Grants

We will help you save over $100 a month on your energy bill

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Green Grants

What’s New.

Green Grants has experienced some exciting changes over the past year, resulting in a new name. In the New Orleans market we will be known as PosiGen Green Grants. We are just as committed to our goal to install 10,000 solar energy systems in the Greater New Orleans Region, as we will save 10,000 familes money each month and create new high paying jobs for our residents.

Our Mission.

Our mission has remained the same, which is to help families take control of their energy costs and take back their financial freedom. Our program still includes a low-cost solar lease, energy efficiency improvement and energy education. Anyone who owns a home can have solar power, with no money down, no credit check and for just $60 a month. The best part is that your savings are 100% guaranteed!

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