In the average house, around half of the energy used throughout the year goes to heating and cooling. A great deal of the conditioned air is lost through gaps and cracks throughout the house. Each small gap might not seem like much, but when all of them are added up these can add up to the equivalent of a hole in the house the size of an open window.

As summer and winter conditions can cause attic temperatures to rise well above or well below the inside conditioned space temperature, PosiGen puts sealing the attic floor as a top priority to get the most out of the Energy Efficiency package. Sealing recessed lights and drop ceilings, as well as wire penetrations and gaps around chimneys can go a long way to reducing the energy bill and increasing occupant comfort.

Even in newer houses, poor construction or settling over time can create gaps that may not have existed before. The Energy Efficiency professionals at PosiGen are trained to find them under insulation, around wall penetrations and other hard-to-reach places. They are also trained to use the appropriate tools for the job, not the cheapest. These improvements are meant to last for years, not months, and PosiGen knows that this is done through quality work.

Before and after the upgrades are completed, a blower door test will be performed to determine exactly how leaky the house is and where the leakage occurs. This allows the Energy Efficiency crew to make a work order targeting exactly where the most savings will be attained. Each house is different, and the customized work order reflects this.

The PosiGen team takes a whole house approach to Energy Efficiency, which means that the upgrades do not stop just at air sealing. Other measures, such as duct sealing and lighting upgrades, can combine to achieve results better than the sum of each.


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